Steve + Audrey | Twin Falls, ID Wedding Photographer

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A couple of weeks ago I had written out an entire blog post for Steve & Audrey. I actually felt that I had done such a great job with it, ( I am not one that is great with words, and coming up with material for my blog posts is really tough for me) but alas something happened, my internet kicked me off and my post was not saved. So here I am again. Unfortunately I am not sure this time around will be as good, but I am going to try. 
I cannot say enough good things about Steve & Audrey. We were blessed enough to have them be referred to us by a dear friend and fellow photographer Jeni. Who is an INCREDIBLE photographer with The Brink Studio, in Twin Falls, ID. It was our pleasure to photograph such a beautiful day for these two.  When talking with Audrey before the wedding about the most important things to her about her big day, time and time again she would tell us that the people who they shared that day with were the most important. She told me how they had friends coming from all over the world to be there with them and celebrate. They weren’t kidding! They had friends and loved ones there from all over the U.S. and even Australia! I think parts of Europe too! (Correct me if I am wrong Audrey :] ) This beautiful couple was completely surrounded by so many people who absolutely adore them. And its no surprise. They are genuinely some of the nicest people we have ever met. They went above and beyond to help us feel welcomed and loved during their special day. 
Steve & Audrey tied the knot on a beautiful December afternoon.  Their venue is the GORGEOUS Stone House in Twin Falls. I actually cannot put into words how extremely beautiful all of the decor was, so you will just have to see the images and let them speak for themselves. Everything sparkled from ceiling to floor, including Audrey’s incredible custom broach bouquet! Seriously, look at the way that thing sparkles in their wedding video!! 
We feel forever blessed to be able to call Steve & Audrey our friends. We wish them absolutely nothing but the best in their new life together. Our warmest wishes with them and their families as they continue to grow. (Steve & Audrey just welcomed a precious grand baby into this world!)
Congratulations again! We love you guys! 

Wedding video by the AMAZING Hobsonfilm