Why the Rebrand? – Part 1

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This idea has been tossed back and forth between Beau and I for sometime. In fact when he first started doing videography we thought about rebranding and doing it together, but for some reason we decided against it.  It wasn’t until just about 2 months ago when we attended WPPI in Las Vegas that we knew it was time to make the change thanks to some mentors you will later learn of.

For those of you who don’t know I (Carli) have been shooting since 2009, and I began specializing in weddings in 2012. It was at the beginning of 2013 when Beau and I were having a conversation. I was in the middle of watching a CreativeLive course when I told him that I wanted to add videography to my business. I knew it would be an amazing service to offer, and so convenient for our clients to get both things in one place. But, who in the world was I going to get to shoot video with my business? I was having a hard enough time finding reliable second photographers for my weddings, and I didn’t know of anyone else in the area who was shooting video at the time. I threw the idea out there of Beau learning to shoot video and doing it with me. Now lets remember that Beau grew up on a farm, and had pretty much no experience in this area at all! He was completely against making “boring” wedding videos. At the time Beau was working a very unrewarding job. He hated working graveyard and I hated it even more. We would do anything at this point to change the situation. 

It was at that time that Beau decided to finally give in and do some research on wedding videography. This next part is key in our story, because I can almost guarantee you that if Beau had not stumbled upon this specific company he would not be where he is today. He got on youtube and searched Wedding Video and that is where he found this video made by Switzerfilm. Beau was so intrigued. It wasn’t what he was expecting at all and he was excited to learn more. Beau quickly learned the functions of a DSLR, bought a monopod and started going on shoots with me. We are extremely grateful that over the last couple of years we have gotten to know Joe Switzer. Beau has been able to take 2 of his hands on workshops and have him as a mentor! We owe so much to that fun guy! :] If Beau had found some other body of work to view first when looking at examples of wedding videography, I am not sure he would have wanted to ever get involved, but once he saw how awesome, fun and upbeat it could be, there was no stopping him. He quit his full time job 6 months later and never looked back.

That was 2 years ago, and here we are today. Taking a giant leap of faith and diving head first into this business. We have made some pretty risky decisions to be at this point, but we know if we don’t put ourselves out there now, we will always wonder…”what if” 

So why the Rebrand? Why not just continue doing things as we had before, it was working out pretty good, and we were getting bookings. So why change things up?  Like I said earlier, it was during WPPI that things changed.  I was able to attend some truly incredible classes while at the conference, and to be inspired by others.  One thing that seemed to be brought up in every class was learning how to differentiate yourself from the pack. How in the world does one do that in a sea of photographers in the industry.  And a sea of GOOD photographers! There is so much talent out there that I am constantly taken back by how amazing it is. It was at that moment that I realized, there was only one thing that we had that no one else did, and that is US.  We use the same equipment, shoot at the same locations, use the same editing software and print from the same labs. But the one thing that we can offer that no one else can is Carli + Beau. We are creating a business that is solely dependent on us as individuals, and that is kind of a scary idea. We are putting ourselves out there, right front and center in order for us to connect and build relationships with those that need our services. We are so excited about it. We are excited about the connections we will make, the friendships we will build, and how much we will grow and progress as we learn more about ourselves through this process. 

Thank you for being apart of this.