Boise, ID Wedding Photographer | Cody + Hannah | Honalee Farm Wedding

EEK! I am soo giddy about sharing this wedding today! Cody + Hannah got married this past September at Honalee Farms in Eagle, ID. It was a GORGEOUS day filled with all their closest family and friends. Let me tell you, nothing could have prepared us for this fun bunch and what was in store.

Same Roots

Cody + Hannah grew up in the same area Beau and I did. We went to rival schools so didn’t cross paths, but it was fun for us to have that common ground during the wedding. It felt like a big reunion that got plucked up and moved to Boise!

Love and Support all around

The main person of contact with most clients is the bride or a planner. It’s rare you find as involved a groom as Cody. We communicated back and forth with both Cody + Hannah, but in particular, we LOVED how involved Cody was from the initial email (Let’s say he broke some of the groom stereotypes *lol*). In all seriousness, it is refreshing when the groom is all hands on deck and just as stoked and supportive as everyone else. Speaking of support, these two are so lucky because this entire wedding party and their families were so fun and easy to work with. You could tell they all truly loved and cared for their relationship.

Quick thought

It’s easy to get stressed out when it comes to the group photo portions of the day. However, it is our number one goal to take deep breaths, step back, relax and make it as fun as possible. This mindset helps it goes by quickly and painlessly!

Party People!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share how entertaining this day was. Beau and I loved hearing all the teasing from one side of their family to the other and the many, many inside jokes! Though, the icing on the “wedding” cake was the final song of the night. This moment literally almost brought down the house! I’m convinced that many guests in attendance ended up with hoarse voices by the end of the night! Now, that’s the sign of a good time.

I will close out by leaving you with a few more gorgeous slides to view. If you want to see this party come to life, keep an eye out next week for CODY + HANNAH’s Highlight video!

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