Boise Wedding Videographer | Kenneth + Caylene | Willowbridge – Eagle, ID

Carli + Beau Wedding Videography

As we’ve been playing catch up with weddings from the past year or so we decided to dedicate two blogs to each couple. One highlighting the wedding photography and the other showing off the videography. It is an awesome way to give each piece their moment in the spotlight! Not to mention it also allows us to reach more people to inspire other creatives or lead to other working opportunities!

Having said that, if you missed Ken + Caylene’s photographs – head over to this post HERE. The wedding was a November dream, and we are thrilled to be sharing their wedding video with you now!

With many opportunities to shoot in Boise, ID we are always excited to add a new venue to the list. The Willowbridge venue is a perfect 10! Beau beautifully captured all sorts of different perspectives. I loved the shots of the floor to ceiling windows and the way the light would peak through and dance around the room.

You may notice a glimpse or two of the ceremony set-up in this highlight as well! It is out of the norm to be early enough to capture moments of set-up or decoration. However, we love to be able to use that footage when it’s available. It tells a sweet story of the day, from backstage to center stage! lol

We mentioned in their other blog post about how gorgeous the weather and light was during this wedding. But if you don’t believe me, just click on the video and see for yourselves 🙂

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