Love, Loss & Tender Mercies

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I will never forget the date of September 25. That was our first son Carter’s due date. That was also the day that I miscarried our second child. I remember sitting in the ER a few months ago and looking at the white board on the wall and seeing that day 9-25-17, and just bursting into tears. That day that …

Working with your Spouse | Carli + Beau Photo and Cinema

Carli + Beau Thoughts

“Oh I could NEVER work with my spouse. We would definitely kill each other” – We hear this phrase at least once at about every wedding that we shoot. It always comes with a laugh and a smile, and we always reply with “We said the same thing too.” But through the truth of it is that we DID say …

Balancing work and family

Priorities | Balancing work and family | Carli + Beau Photo and Cinema

Carli + Beau Thoughts

“Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “its not a priority,” and see how that feels.” – Laura Vanderkam I was scrolling through Pinterest one day when I came across that quote, and it was as if someone slapped me right across the face. I had never had someone’s words stop me in my tracks quite like that …