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Its no secret, that the majority of our country is obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines. From their bubbly personalities, to their amazing talent, most of us are hooked! I remember reading a blog post from Joanna a few years back where she talked about her decision to close up her shop and focus more on being home with her babies. It stood out to me so much, and I loved reading it! I had been dying to finally get around to reading their book The Magnolia Story and finally made that happen this past week… in like less than 2 days! haha
In my defense its a pretty easy read, and its not super long, and with Beau being out of town it just kind of happened that I read through it really quickly! I LOVED this book! If you haven’t had a chance to read it you really should! Not only was it amazing to hear about where these two came from and just how it all happened for them to get to where they are today, but it really opened my eyes to looking at our life in a different way. I’d love to share with you just a few of my favorites from the book, without giving too much of it away! haha

I think that one of the reason’s I really love these two and this book is because they are a husband and wife team! And I could relate to what they talked about so much. Now I am not claiming that we are as awesome as Chip & Jo, but I did feel a connection to the way they work together and the way that Beau and I work together. They talk about how they energize one another, and that their relationship is better the more that they are together. I feel the same way. Beau and I just function better when we are together. Thats not to say that we never argue or fight, but we do that together also. Neither of us have ever been the type to storm off and give each other the silent treatment. If something is bothering us, we sit down and we talk it out. We work through the issue together and I know it helps us to come out stronger every time. Beau and I have just realized that when we try and go at things alone, its never as great as when we try and do it together. I really loved how they talked about that in their relationship because I felt such a connection to it!

The other thing that I really loved that Joanna talked about was creating a place for her family to thrive! I don’t want to give too much away, but in a nutshell Jo talks about moving into a different flip home and her whole goal was to create that home as a place where her family and kids could really thrive instead of just survive. That hit me HARD! I sat back and just thought, is our home a place where we are thriving? I realized that I don’t think that it is. Beau and I have both made the comments that in this season of our life (and especially during our busy summer months) we tend to feel like we are just doing what we can to survive. Trying to keep our heads above water and push through. But with this now being our third year being full time with our business, and my 9th wedding season since I started, I’v realized that this is our life. I keep thinking that one day maybe things will slow down. “If we were able to just sit down and create a schedule that we could stick to, then our life would seem more “normal” ” – but its funny, life has a way of always keeping us on our toes!

Before this post turns into a novel itself, I just wanted to share one more thing that I loved about their book, and that is their faith. I just love the bright light that these two aren’t afraid to show! I love that they openly talk about their faith in God, and the blessings that they have had in their life because of their desire to follow Him. It encouraged me that I need to have stronger faith in my Heavenly Father’s plan. Sometimes I don’t understand why certain things in our life go certain ways. Or why I feel like I am being pulled in directions that I don’t feel comfortable with. But its true, that when we stretch ourselves and step out of those comfy places, and do it with faith that God will always be there, thats when truly amazing things happen.

If you made it this far in this post, then I just want to say Thank you! These personal posts usually just turn into rambling thoughts that I have, but I love being able to share them with you all. It helps me to get these things out. It pushes me to actually make the changes that I know I need to make. Thanks for the continued support! xoxo – Carli

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