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What People Are Saying

  • Video is an essential part of SIT’s marketing and CB Creative’s quality and ease to work with are unmatched. They have outstanding customer service, creative genius and deliver content above our expectations. We’ve sent them on some tough assignments, but they have an ability to see our vision and create absolutely stunning videos even in adverse conditions. CB Creative is an excellent resource for anyone looking to tell their brand story or promote their business. They are so good, that we consider them part of our team.

    -Southern Idaho Tourism

  • CB Creative has worked on several commercials for the College of Southern Idaho and people always rave about their quality. They have a gift for visual storytelling that makes their work stand out from other run-of-the-mill ads. They’re dedicated to putting in the time and effort it takes to create a polished finished product that the customer loves. It is great to work with someone who cares just as much about our projects as we do.They are great people to associate with and are masterminds when it comes to storyboarding and setting up the perfect commercial. They have been patient with multiple difficult requests from our team and have handled every situation with nothing but professionalism. We love working with CB Creative on any project at hand because we have complete confidence that the final product will be outstanding!

    -College of Southern Idaho

  • Wow! Each time we’ve worked with CB Creative we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of video from each project! They are full of ideas, resourceful and flexible moving from farms to manufacturing sites in the same day. They’ve helped bring different elements of our story to life!