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CB Creative is based out of Southern Idaho and serve businesses all over the country with professional video production. We work diligently to understand your objectives for the campaign. Our video production style is clean, modern, and to the point. Making your brand look the best is our goal! See some of our work below.


Amalgamated Sugar

Amalgamated Sugar is a long standing company in Southern Idaho and was looking to promote public relations. Video does a great job of conveying emotions to the viewers so we immediately got to work.

In today’s 2017 farming and food processing market, farm-to-table is a big deal. The goal of this video was to create a more positive attitude towards the company amongst all of the industry rhetoric of GMO’s and sugar.

CB Creative fully produced, filmed, and edited the video. There was so much positive feedback from the community about the video. Over 70k views and over 800 shares. There was a lot of engagement and many people really enjoyed the video.

Project Mutual Telephone

PMT is an established local technology company providing a variety of services. They have been around a long time and have some new technology they were looking to showcase.

People didn’t know what they were capable of, they were known as just a telephone company for years, but now they provide the fastest available internet in the area at competitive pricing. 

Our goal was to bring exposer to the community on their fiber optic network service and educate the community on fiber. 

Immediately we got to work brainstorming unique video shots that could really showcase the power of PMT. We created an awesome video that effectively got the information across in a clear, modern, and fun way.


  • When we started down our path to getting videos created to highlight our business we thought we would have to look outside of our area to get the quality of videos we wanted.  Luckily, we ran across CB Creative, and not only did they provide us with videos we couldn’t be more proud of, they were very easy and professional to work with.  We look forward to working with them on future projects.

    -Project Mutual Telephone

  • The Amalgamated Sugar Company began working with Carli + Beau in the fall of 2016. Our first video project was a tremendous success, garnering over 69,000 views on Facebook alone. That original success has led to our utilizing their services for other video projects as well.

    What I appreciate most about Carli + Beau is the level of commitment they have shown to telling our story through video. They take the time to understand our message and purpose before filming, editing and producing a video. The quality of their work speaks for itself. I fully anticipate hiring Carli + Beau again in the future for our video needs and highly recommend their services.

    -Amalgamated Sugar Company

Kimberly Nurseries


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