Idaho Wedding Photographer | Gary + Kenzie | Hagerman, ID

Carli + Beau Wedding

Happy Hump Day friends! Every once in awhile you have experiences in your life that you know will stick with you. Our day with Gary + Kenzie is one that I know I will never forget. Following is a story of a bride + groom unphased by unexpected hiccups.

Calm Before the Storm

This wedding took place in Hagerman, ID at an adorable private residence along the Snake River. Talk about canyon views! Just as we arrived the ladies were in hair and make-up and the final touches for set-up and decor were being made. The weather, however, was being a bit finicky. Anyone who knows Idaho should be prepared for anything from sunny and 75 to torrential downpour! *haha*

After getting in some girly time we checked in with the guys. We had some laughs and shot as they got ready. It was time to see the girls in their final looks. At this point, the storm was taking an unfortunate turn.

Don’t rain on our Parade

A wind, rain, and hail storm came out of nowhere. That dastardly wind destroyed the tent meant to host the reception. However, they were not about to let the wind be taken out of their sails. (pun intended!) Friends and family began to jump on their phones in attempts to find a new location for the ceremony and reception. The storm also caused a large tree to fall blocking the main driveway into the property. but have no fear, The strapping groomsmen stepped up! They changed out of their formal gear and all worked to move the tree together. Never complaining or getting upset, they just got it done!

Lights Out

If you’d believe it, it was around that same time that we lost power to our entire region. It was mid-afternoon, and thank goodness, all the ladies had their hair done. But to finish up the final touches, Beau ended using one of our video lights, which has a battery pack and outlets on it.

Love Conquers All

Despite what was being thrown their way, Gary + Kenzie kept their composure and did not let a little rain ruin their parade! They were basically handed one hurdle after another and endured what most would say is their worst nightmare. Despite all of it, they worked together as a team.

Finally, a solution for a venue was presented. Gary is a firefighter in the town and they offered to let the festivities take place there! After needing to track down some generators to address the continuing power outage, they were all set and ready to tie the knot. The ceremony even still took place right down by the river where they hoped.

With all this craziness we were afraid that we were not going to be able to produce a product that these two deserved. We took Gary + Kenzie aside to assure them that we wanted to gift them with an additional session, in attempts to alleviate any stress that we could. It was a peaceful “do-over” and were so pleased to do it. I look back and see that if the weather was perfect that day they wouldn’t have these jaw-dropping canyon portraits or the adorably unique bridal party photos in front of the fire engine.

The power did eventually come on 5 hours later, but that didn’t stop this party from happening! It was truly an amazing thing to witness as these two were surrounded and lifted up by their family and friends. At the end of the day, they declared their love one to another and became husband and wife, and that’s truly all that mattered 🙂

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