“Honestly, their work speaks for itself! Getting to know them is a bonus. Your wedding day will pass, your cake, your decorations, your flowers will all fade away….but the photos and video you will cherish forever. You can never get that day back. You can only relive that special day by watching your video over and over and clicking on those pictures a 100+ times! Those are the memories you will cherish! We love you Carli + Beau !!!”

-Jorge & Christina

“I found Carli + Beau through Instagram and searched for months. Nothing even compared to all the boxes this couple ticked for our wedding. They were amazing the entire way through and my family absolutely fell in love with them! Pretty sure they have become the family photographer from now on and will be flying to Australia in the near future! This couple wasn’t just photographers they were part of our special day and became part of the party/ family. Thanks Carli and Beau!”

-Luke & Brittany

“Our wedding experience would not have been nearly as fun and enjoyablewithout Carli + Beau. By the end of it all, we found two new treasured friends.
My husband and I really appreciated how well they worked as a team to capture our favorite moments and that they worked flexibly around our needs.
With all the stress of wedding planning and events, it was refreshing to have Carli + Beau around because not only were they easy to work with, but they helped us really enjoy ourselves.”
-Eliza and Craig Clayton

” My husband and I pictured a DREAM wedding, but kept hearing from
everyone nothing will be perfect! However Carli + Beau helped us make our wedding a perfect DREAM wedding! We were looking for a photographer and didn’t really know what to look for, I knew we wanted video also but again didn’t know what to ask for! When we found and met the best husband & wife team they answered all our questions and made everything so much easier & less stressful!! We are in awe, Carli’s pictures are our favorite pictures of all and our family & friends too! She definitely captured our special moments that we can remember forever now & we love our sunset pictures!! Beau has a beautiful spin on wedding videos like no one else!! We have watched & shared it too many times to count, there is no one like him! This Duo is very professional & creative not to mention super sweet! Thank you Beau + Carli for helping make our Big Day So Magical!! I recommend these two to everyone!! “
-Kevin & Alyssa

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Chase & Bre

"We are in cloud 9 looking over all our photos from our wedding. These two are amazing. It was smooth and easy from the beginning and the did exactly what was best for Chase and I wish pictures! Making the bride and groom a priority was what the did! our pictures and video are amazing!!"

-Salt Lake City, UT Jan 2018