Stanley, ID Wedding | Sid + Abbie | Idaho Wedding Videographer

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Sitting here in the quiet this morning, trying to get some work done before the boys are awake, and trying to find the words to describe this wedding. This wedding right here is the exact reason why we do what we do. Sid & Abbie, and people like them are why we continue to work hard to keep our business alive so that we can capture more relationships and stories like theirs.

Beau and I have always been able to create wonderful connections with our couples. We have developed beautiful friendships over the years with so many of our amazing clients, and these two are no exception. When I first met Abbie at the Wedding Party Show in Boise over a year ago, we instantly clicked. And then over the next year I was able to build a relationship with her that I am forever grateful for. Abbie is the type of person who loves without end. She shows compassion and care to every single person she meets, and that included me.

Going through the trial of losing her Father during the year that her and Sid would get married was devastating I know, but she did it with such grace that I can only one day wish that I have the strength she has had during this hard time.

This wedding was a highlight of our careers. Not only because it was insanely gorgeous in the mountains, but because it was an opportunity for us to create and capture something more than just the pretty. We were able to see and feel the emotion with Sid, Abbie and their families and preserve this day for them for a lifetime. This video is one that gives me chills every time I watch it, and I cannot wait to share their photos with you here soon!

To Sid & Abbie – We love you guys!