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“Oh I could NEVER work with my spouse. We would definitely kill each other” – We hear this phrase at least once at about every wedding that we shoot. It always comes with a laugh and a smile, and we always reply with “We said the same thing too.” But through the truth of it is that we DID say the same thing once. Before Beau ever even really thought of the idea of joining my business, I would see husband and wife teams all the time and think to myself
“There is no way we could ever do that.”
It just didn’t make sense to me, because in my mind we needed that ‘daily separation’ in order to keep our marriage stronger. Or that if we worked together we would end up neglecting our marriage, or end up just constantly nagging at one another. And while its definitely not all cupcakes and rainbows over here, I can honestly say that the Pros absolutely outweigh the cons.
But I get it, working with your spouse isn’t for everyone. And thats okay! I know that for some couples working together with their husband or wife would not be healthy for their relationship or their careers! And for those of you who have every toyed with the idea of going into business with your spouse, well then we wanted to share with you our 5 favorite reasons we enjoy working together!


  1. We challenge each other.
    No one knows me better than Beau. And no one knows just when I need a little extra shove than he does. And the same goes for me to him. The other great thing is that at the same time, we have both learned to know when the other person needs a break as well. Like today in fact. Beau took Carter for a boys day doing fun things and let me stay home all day to catch up on tasks! He knew that this is what I needed right now at this time, and usually I just say no and try to figure out how to squeeze in my to do lists at another time, but I am grateful for a husband who is constantly challenging me and pushing me so that I can be my best! And letting me relax when I need that to!
  2. Teammates in Everything
    One thing Beau and I talked about before we were ever married, was how we always wanted to be a team. That we did everything together, and that we would always help each other with whatever the other person needed. Its something we still feel strongly about today, and that is why we are teammates in parenting, doing housework, and in our business. The best part is, when you have someone who is playing on your same team, you know you both want the same outcome. So I know that Beau is going to give me his best both in our business and in our marriage so that we can see everything succeed!
  3. Not afraid to be Honest
    This to me is probably one of the best parts about running a business with your spouse. The fact that I have a team member who I know is going to be honest with me is huge! How many times have you worked with someone and they passively just tell you that something is “good” or that they like what you’ve done. But you feel at the end of it all, you actually have no idea if thats how they really feel. Well the best part about working with your spouse, is getting to hash things out from time to time until you can figure out the best solution. Its hard, its not always easy. There is frustration, sometimes we feel sensitive, but when we remember our WHY, then it all becomes worth it.
    Oh- and being able to be honest with each other on wedding days is not only beneficial to us but to our couples as well! Beau has no problem asking me to move so that he can get the shot that he wants, and I am the same way. Its helpful for us to communicate so we both are getting what we need!
  4. Create our own schedule
    I picked this one, even though its not always the way we would like things to go. I wish I could say that we have a well oiled schedule around here. That every week we are working the same office hours, same shooting hours and getting to spend time every night as a family. But the truth is, our schedule changes from week to week and sometimes day to day. Every week we will be having different office hours, shooting at different times in different locations, sometimes we have huge deadlines to hit which involve some late night editing sessions. But the great part about working together is that we get to sit down every week, look at our calendar and decide when we get to schedule in our own personal time. Its different every week, but I love that I get to have a schedule with my spouse that allows us the freedom to pick and choose days so that we can make sure we are spending time as a family and strengthening that part of our life.
  5. Spend a lot of time together
    Okay, I know I know this one will probably get some eye rolls, but honestly – my favorite part about working with my husband is the fact that we get to be together so much! We work out of the extra bedroom in our home so we are both here a lot during the week. And then when we shoot weddings we get to be together during that! I used to go shoot weddings all alone, and even though I loved it and had so much fun with my couples, there is nothing better than getting to drive home after a long wedding day with Beau and not having to be all alone! Some people think that when you spend this much time with your spouse that you end up just resenting each other, or you lose the ability to communicate. Well, I can definitely say that we have been through some tough times. We’ve had to really look into our relationship and make sure that we aren’t just business partners but that we still remember that we are married. Its easy to get caught up in the workload and forget about why we fell in love in the first place. But honestly, working with your spouse isn’t necessarily better or worse than if you didn’t…its just different!

So if you are thinking about going into business with your husband or wife. Maybe this will help shed some light into the life of a couple who does it on a daily basis. It isn’t always easy, and there are times where you will wonder what in the heck you were thinking haha. But we are so happy with this season of life that we are in and we just wanted to share some joy into your lives today!  xo – Carli + Beau